Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Japan Baseball Weekly

Baseball reporter John E. Gibson is celebrating his third season of putting together this excellent podcast from Japan. He is regularly joined by author and veteran sportswriter Jim Allen, and on occasion, Michael Westbay, founder of, the site that features Japan Baseball Weekly.

If you haven't dived into the richly informative JBW archives, here is a selection of shows with featured interviews. These guests have backgrounds in all aspects of the game and the conversations can often be quite candid. Topics run the gamut from the front office to the playing field and from scouting to writing about baseball in Japan.

Japan Baseball Weekly is on Facebook and the podcasts are available from iTunes. It is an interactive show and listeners are invited to send questions either in an email or an MP3 under 60 seconds. Immense gratitude to John, Jim and all the guests over the years. The information and insights have been invaluable. Thanks also to Shooters in Nagoya and ONE World Sports for sponsoring the show.